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The advantages of bar code technology

Release time:2016-10-27 15:48:13

The advantages of bar code technology
Bar code is a set of rules according to certain rules of the bar, empty symbols, used to represent a certain character, numbers and symbols of information. Bar code system is designed by bar code symbols, production and scanning to read the composition of the automatic identification system.
The advantages of bar code technology
Bar code is by far the most economical and practical an automatic identification technology. Bar code technology has the following advantages:
A. Input speed: compared with the keyboard input, bar code input speed is 5 times the keyboard input, and can achieve "real-time data input."
B. High reliability: the keyboard input data error rate of one-third of the use of optical character recognition technology error rate is one ten thousandth, and the use of bar code technology bit error rate of less than one millionth.
C. Large amount of information acquisition: the use of traditional one-dimensional bar code can be collected dozens of characters at a time information, two-dimensional bar code can carry thousands of characters of information, and a certain degree of automatic error correction capability.
D. Flexible and practical: bar code identification can be used as a means of identification can be used alone, but also with the identification equipment to form a system to achieve automatic identification, and other control devices can be connected to achieve automation management.
In addition, the bar code label is easy to make, there is no special requirement for the equipment and material, the identification device is easy to operate, does not need special training, and the equipment is relatively convenient.
The application of bar codes has the following advantages:
1. Reliable and accurate. Data can be input on the keyboard an average of 300 characters per error, while the average bar code input for every 15,000 characters an error. If the parity bit error rate is one millionth.
2. Data input speed. Keyboard input, a typing of 90 characters per minute typist 1.6 seconds to enter 12 characters or a string, and use the bar code, do the same work only 0.3 seconds, the speed increased by 5 times.
3. Cheap economy. Compared with other automatic identification technology, the promotion and application of bar code technology, the cost is longer and lower.
4. Flexible and practical. Bar code symbols as a means of identification can be used alone, can also be associated with the device identification system to achieve automatic identification, and other control equipment can be linked to achieve the automation of the entire system management. At the same time, in the absence of automatic identification equipment, but also to achieve manual keyboard input.
5. Large degree of freedom. The degree of freedom of the recognition device relative to the bar code label is much greater than the OCR. Bar codes usually represent information in only one dimension, and the information represented on the same bar code is identical and continuous so that the correct information can be entered from the normal section even if the label is partially missing.
6. Equipment is simple. Bar code symbol recognition device is simple in structure, easy to operate, no special training.
7. Easy to make. Printable, known as the "printable computer language." Barcode labels are easy to produce, no special requirements for printing technology equipment and materials.


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