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The Application of Bar Code Technology in Commercial POS System

Release time:2016-10-27 16:06:31

Over the past few years, through the Chinese article code centers and sub-centers throughout the country, system integrators, and other aspects of the vigorous publicity, promotion and practice of bar code technology has been more and more people recognize and accept, especially bar code technology In the commodity circulation management application has obtained the very gratifying achievement. Food, beverages, daily chemical products such as bar code penetration is increasing. Because of this, the promotion of bar code technology in the application of commodity circulation management, more and more shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, specialty stores are partially or fully use the bar code management of goods. Some large-scale shopping malls (such as Shanghai Mei Mei Department Store, Times Square and other commercial buildings) have been implemented in large cities such as Shanghai and become the application of bar code technology in commodity circulation management. model.
Throughout the full use of bar code management of large shopping malls or stores, not difficult to find most of these commercial enterprises for foreign joint ventures or foreign-funded enterprises. This tells us that domestic enterprises use bar code technology awareness is far behind the developed countries and regions, which is our business management level behind the developed countries and regions one of the reasons.
Bar code technology in the application of the benefits of commodity circulation management is obvious. It is not only easy to sell, but also to avoid the human error caused by economic losses and management confusion, and can greatly improve the efficiency and management level.
The application of bar code technology in our country has been highly concerned by the relevant government departments, especially in the application of commodity circulation management will become the most extensive application area of ​​bar code. Therefore, all aspects of bar code technology attaches great importance to the application in this field. The promotion of bar code technology in the application of commodity circulation management is not in doubt. Because it is currently the international circulation of goods for the management of a most advanced management methods. To make our country's business and international standards, we must vigorously promote and popularize bar code technology in China's commodity circulation management applications.
First, the basic work of bar code applications
The use of bar code technology in the commodity circulation management is no exception, that is, first in the mall, supermarkets, chain stores, stores, shops, stores, supermarkets and other stores in the bar code technology is the first to use the bar code technology, first of all to the computer management, , Retail stores, etc. to achieve computer management. At present, the Chinese government departments are vigorously promoting the country's commercial automation, that is the first in the large and medium-sized shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores and other computer management, which for the realization of bar code management has laid a good foundation and create favorable conditions. Has been achieved computer management of the mall and then realize the bar code management is only a step away, but it can receive unexpected results.
Computer management has been achieved shopping malls, including supermarkets and chain stores, etc., must be "single product" management, in order to achieve bar code management. For each commodity, according to its properties and characteristics, in accordance with certain rules, must be prepared "background code", which is the computer management must be the basis of work. In the "background code", usually include the commodity categories, categories, small class, suppliers, cabinet group, material, size, color, brand, etc., rely on the computer to "background code" for statistical and analytical work . As long as the sales and inventory, etc. with the "front desk code" into a bar code, bar code reading equipment, bar code can be achieved commodity management. Must be noted that the "front desk code" and "background code" can not be confused. "Background code" is usually up to 20 characters or more, it can not be used as a foreground opcode. On the contrary, the foreground opcode can not be too long, usually not more than 13, not enough to fully represent the attributes and characteristics of goods and so on.
Second, how to use the bar code on the existing goods
In general, imports of goods from abroad on the bar code are more in line with norms, you can directly use. But the domestic goods on the bar code for various reasons. Do not meet the specifications bar code, re-code and other phenomena have occurred, due to the reasons for printing or bar code color stalls with improper bar code reader can not read the phenomenon often occurs. Therefore, before you can use the barcode scanning to sell goods, you must carefully check the barcode of a product. The easiest way to do this is to scan each item with a barcode reader, remove the bar codes that can not be read out, and re-tag the items with the "in-store code" you create. Looks like this is a very simple question, but if the work is not done, it will affect the accuracy of the data, and even cause some products can not use bar code scanning sales.
In view of the domestic goods on the bar code problems, we suggest that the Chinese article code centers and local sub-centers in conjunction with the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and technical supervision, to strengthen the domestic goods do not meet the requirements of the bar code inspection and supervision , And make appropriate treatment to prevent the occurrence of similar phenomena, which is conducive to the promotion of bar code technology in the management of commodity circulation.
Third, the use of store code and production
Barcode management in foreign countries to use the mall, there are two approaches: one approach is whether the original barcode on the original goods, will use the user to create their own "store code"; another approach is to make full use of the original bar code products, The goods are not marked on the bar code produced by the user's own shop code. In the country has been promoting the use of bar code management of the mall, nothing more than these two situations. The former approach is basically in the high-end shopping malls or stores, the latter approach is basically all supermarkets and chain stores, because the lower the value of goods, merchandise sales, all use the store code will increase the cost of goods, which is not conducive to Supermarkets and chain stores. Of course, the latter approach is also applicable to all shopping malls. The use of all "store code" benefits is based on the user's own requirements for the management of goods to prepare "store code", so as to achieve the user's own management requirements. Another advantage is that you can use shop-floor code automatically generated to improve the bar code production efficiency.
"Store code" of the preparation, should be in accordance with the provisions of the Chinese goods coding center to carry out. Some users do not know the "store code" of the preparation requirements, which requires the relevant departments to promote and popularize. Make "store code" must be equipped with a special bar code printer, preferably with a computer interface to the bar code printer, you can pre-prepared by the program to produce the required "store code." Thereby reducing the manual input error, and can greatly improve the work efficiency. If all the users use the "store code", you can use the POS system through the use of assembly-line method to automatically generate store code, the bar code production more convenient, more effort, more efficient.
Fourth, on the bar code POS system design
The application of bar code POS system design and general design of the POS system is no difference in principle. The difference between the two is that the former uses the bar code as the front-end code, and automatically reads the bar code through the bar code reader to avoid errors when entering the pre-co-code manually and improves the input speed and efficiency, especially for supermarkets. Prominent, can greatly reduce the waiting time for customer shopping settlement.
For the choice of bar code readers, large and medium department stores, retail stores, specialty stores, etc. to select the appropriate handheld bar code reader, and in the supermarket to choose laser flat bar code reader is appropriate.
Barcode reader and cash registers, computer interface is usually divided into two kinds of keyboard simulation input and serial input. Programming in the application, as long as the attention to what interface, programming is not difficult.
Therefore, computer management has been achieved in commercial buildings, supermarkets, chain stores, stores, retail stores, etc. should seize the opportunity to promote the use of bar code management, and not to achieve computer management of commercial enterprises, in the design of computer management information together with the use of bar code management , In fact, the use of bar code management is not mysterious, not difficult.
Last, bar code application and management model
Bar code technology in the management of commodity circulation not only can avoid errors and improve work efficiency, but also can improve the management level. Barcode technology can be used not only for merchandise sales, but also for inventory management and inventory management. Using the portable data collector, scanning by bar code reader, can be quickly and accurately inventory and cabinet inventory, and then into the POS system, with the POS system data generated after the disk surplus, disk loss table. If the manual inventory and inventory of inventory. Not only labor-consuming, time-consuming, and difficult to set standards, prone to error. Therefore, the use of bar code for storage and inventory management is to achieve an important means of modern warehouse management.
Bar code technology in the application of scanning the sale of goods also contributed to the change in sales management model, such as the United States and the United States Department Store in Shanghai, Times Square and other Chinese-foreign joint venture commercial buildings, abandoned by the customer to the cashier payment management model, The customer to the checkout payment, salesperson or by commodity, or with a bar code label Kam to check the cashier to scan the bar code, the cashier at the same time scanning the number of sales staff bar code. This abolished the salesperson to open a small ticket, the cashier to enter the number of employees, such as cumbersome practice, so that customers really appreciate that they are "the emperor."
Promote the use of bar code management, can make the business enterprise management level rise to a new level.


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