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Application of EAM System in Health Care Industry

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Few governments have claimed that they are satisfied with the spending on health care. In fact, faced with the increase in health care spending, some countries are gradually depleting the national treasury, and some countries are active investment in the provision of health care structure. Whether active or passive, the health-care sector's share of GDP is increasing all over the world. While high-tech medical equipment, medicines and other supplies account for a high proportion of health expenditure, hospital administration and day-to-day operations cost almost the same. Whether governments are maximizing investments in health care or restricting health care spending, there is little that can be done about the efficient management of hospital work.
The adoption of a single multi-industry-based internationally recognized standards, can reduce costs, improve efficiency, bring benefits to patients. Also, a single standard can reduce confusion in the communications, logistics, and provisioning processes.
Automatic Data Acquisition (ADC), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Uniform Identification Coding are based on the internationally recognized EAN standard. Using this technology can help us reduce expenses, improve efficiency and minimize errors.
The EAN coding system is approved by the European Committee for Standardization (EEC), which effectively eliminates false representations of product information such as content, category, size and composition. EAN system applications, so that health care products, services, with a standardized bar code to represent the identification number. This number itself does not contain information, it is like a key to enter the door, used to retrieve the data stored in the computer file.
The International Article Numbering Society (ENI-EANCOM) has developed a standard communication system that complements the item coding system. Companies can use ENACOM to electronically exchange business data with each other. For example: orders, invoices and delivery documents. EAN-128 is a bar code encoding system that manages the entire supply chain and encodes supplementary information such as lot number, date of manufacture, system number, and many other information, Providing traceability and the necessary tools for today's healthcare industry's complex logistics management needs.
EAN system in addition to strengthening the logistics management between the various parts of the transmission of information, but also through the following ways to improve the efficiency of the management of the hospital:
· Better distribution management (reducing errors, accurate dispensing, and increasing employee motivation);
· Quality assurance (timely tracking of data, medicines and medical equipment;
· Better clinical diagnosis (accurate identification of the patient, correct documentation, prompt access to test results);
· Enhance customer satisfaction;
· Productivity and cost improvements and many other benefits.
Thirty countries on all continents have used EAN systems to identify prescriptions and medicines. Recently, the United Nations International Drug Control Protocol (UNCTR) has agreed on an agreement to use the EAN system to accurately and timely track the spread of narcotic drugs in the world.
These enhance the user's understanding of the quality and reliability of the system. Users can have full confidence in more than 85 countries and regions as a strong backing of the International Association of the goods code and its member organizations.
First, the Asia-Pacific region's health care industry EAN system
In recent years, the Asia Pacific healthcare industry has benefited greatly from the use of EAN. EAN codes are used in health care supply chains to identify drugs that do not require medical prescriptions, to control the registration of drugs, to track the movement of drugs, especially pharmaceuticals, and to identify patients and treatment types in hospitals.
EAN members in the Asia-Pacific region, with the exception of Japan, Australia and New Zealand, are all new members, which will facilitate the use of EAN codes in the healthcare industry in the Asia-Pacific region, allowing direct access to EAN codes. Coding structure to the EAN system conversion problem. 
EAN codes are used in the healthcare industry in a wide range of areas, including prescription drugs, prescription-free medicines, all health products, medical supplies, drug registration, patient monitoring, inventory control, logistics and hospital Administration and so on. EAN codes are used in virtually every area of ​​the healthcare industry, from the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals to the sale of medicines in retail and health centers, to the dispensing of medicines in hospitals and clinics, and even to the treatment of patients.
Most countries in the Asia-Pacific region have used EAN systems in a variety of ways in the health care sector, and most countries use EAN codes for medicines and medical supplies that do not require a doctor's prescription. Thai government in the use of EAN code on pharmaceutical products of great significance. 
In Malaysia, 38 companies (including the pharmaceutical and medical supplies industry) jointly responded to the EAN organization in Malaysia. Many non-prescription drugs are printed on the packaging of the EAN code. This work will be further into the drug registration and health care industry management. A considerable number of retail drug and health care products stores have used scanning bar codes to monitor their sales and inventory.
It is important to have a single standard for health care products and their services. It is important to have a unified system for the management of the health products and their services. The information can be transmitted quickly and accurately so that the relevant departments can correctly understand the information, thus ensuring timely, affordable (lower prices) To get proper service.
Second, EAN system in the European pharmaceutical industry applications
In Europe, in recent years, countries have their own systems for registration and identification of drug codes. Recognizing the importance of unified coding, European countries have embarked on harmonizing their systems and integrating them into the EAN system. With the development of EDI, the urgent need to establish a single system to accurately identify the product, location and service, and then quickly and accurately transmit information. In the United States, some drugs use the UPC code (EAN and UPC are compatible).
As most public and private institutions have benefited from the use of EAN systems, large multinational pharmaceutical companies have already benefited from the EAN code. EAN systems are not limited to multinational pharmaceutical companies, but large and small wholesalers and medical device manufacturers have joined the ranks of EAN's customers.
Since 1990, the Austrian EAN organization has reached an agreement with the country's pharmaceutical industry to use EAN codes on all Austrian medicines. Drug manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies and social insurance agencies have responded. "More than 50% of prescription drugs and most drugs are printed with EAN, which allows us to automatically receive and distribute the goods," said the agency's procurement economy. "About 100 pharmacies are equipped with a POS scanning system that uses EAN and EDI Ordering systems and using automated inventory control techniques can reduce errors and accelerate customer service. " The manager also said that 350-450 kinds of products almost all use EAN code, these products account for more than 50% of total revenue.
Recently, wholesalers and their suppliers use EAN location code, and the Austrian Association for Goods Code EDI system networking, mutual order and receipt of the exchange, which greatly enhanced the logistics industry management and distribution efficiency.
2, the United Kingdom STRATEC MEDICAL
The versatility of the UCC / EAN-128 code, including the EAN article coding system and in-use identifier standard, provides the required data and EDI compliant systems for the international medical device industry.
Stratec Medial, a Swiss medical equipment group operating in the UK, operates approximately 700 medical equipment lines with a turnover of 120 million euros for orthopedic medical equipment. With the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act, since January 1, 1995, the industry to implement medical equipment planning. The goal of this program is to ensure that the medical equipment is completely reliable to both the patient and the user. The advantage is that once "approved", the product can be listed in Europe as a whole.
"Satisfying the quality assurance requirements of the rules is that we must be able to take back the product at any time, which is part of the alert system, the bulk of the traceability, which means we have to have an inventory management system so that we can have an inventory management system," says the agency's department manager. With a very good tracking capability. After studying other medical service code standards, we began to refer to the UC / EAN-128 system in 1994. The UC / EAN-128 meets our requirements to track all medical devices, Any manufacturing lot up to the destination hospital.Therefore, when necessary, you can quickly adopt preventive and corrective measures.The exploration of UCC / EAN-128 huge benefits, it helps us comply with European rules, adhere to a unified system, strict FIFO (First in, first out) inventory management principles, giving clear instructions to the distributor to prepare for EDI trading. "
Founded in 1971, Apoteksbolaget AB is owned by the Swedish Government and the Pension Fund. The company has 900 pharmacies with a turnover of 1,850 million Euros, including 8,000 medicines and 2,000 other products. The company specializes in providing drugs and other health care products and services at a reasonable price.
"We use POS barcode scanning systems for all of our pharmacies, and we use the best possible standards for POS and EDI systems in their day-to-day operations, and now we use EAN barcodes, EAN locations Code and EANCOM messages to provide EDI services that are important and strategic to us because they provide the efficiencies and security we need. Most of the suppliers are providing us with the right Response requirements, 90% -95% of the new goods have been identified by the supplier EAN code.
In addition, the manager said, they are currently studying the bar code in the wholesale industry in the effective application, including the use of EAN tags.
The EAN system is used in the following areas of APOTEKSBOLAGET:
(1) counter verification function
Drugs and other products through the label printing and price calculation procedures registered into the computer. The medicine on the doctor's prescription is five letters is inputted the computer, looks for the corresponding item code. When the goods to the customer at the same time, scanning the bar code on the packaging of goods, and has been registered in the computer to compare information on goods, so you can exclude the goods from the stock selection error.
(2) counter sales / dispensing
The use of bar code settlement, in addition to produce a detailed cash receipts, but also make the price of goods is correct, rather than relying on manual input prices.
(3) inventory control and sales analysis
It is important to register the sales of various commodities to help account for the classification of goods, the control of inventory, the calculation of the cost of goods and inventory, the accounting of profits and losses, both for individual commodities and for the whole product group. This system allows us to carry out advanced management of orders and medicines.
(4) distribution of drugs in hospitals
In the hospital pharmacy, use the EAN code to identify the registration of various departments of the consignment of medicines notice. This eliminates manual processes and enables the company to provide comprehensive health care statistics.
(5) wholesale activities
In this area, bar codes are used to identify new and sold goods and shipments.


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