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What is Cash Register Thermal Blank Roll Paper?

Release time:2019-7-2 17:54:06

Cash Register Thermal Blank Roll Paper is mainly used in thermal printers for cash register systems. The thermal cash register paper has uniform color, good smoothness, high whiteness, long shelf life, and it doesn’t need to print consumables, also no ribbon ribbon or ink cartridge. Therefore, in the cash register system, the thermal cash register paper has a tendency to replace the ordinary cash register paper. Hot cash register paper is now widely used in supermarkets, hotel, bank,telecommunications, medical and other industries.

Cash Register Thermal Blank Roll Paper

Thermal cash register paper is widely used in shopping malls for ultra-POS terminal systems, hotel catering systems, banking systems, telecommunications systems, medical systems and other fields. The principle of hot cash register paper is to apply fine particle powder on a plain paper base which is a leuco dye phenol or other acidic material which is separated by a film. Under heating, the film melts and mixes the powder to produce a color-reactive color writing instability on the thermal-receiving cash register paper. It is easy to fade, making the contents of the file difficult to read.



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