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What Is A Sticker?

Release time:2019-10-17 17:13:41

Self-adhesive labels and traditional labels have the advantages of no need to brush glue, no paste, no water, no pollution, save labeling time, etc., and the application range is wide, convenient and quick. Self-adhesive is a kind of composite material, which is also called self-adhesive label material, which is made of paper, film or other special materials, with adhesive on the back and silicone coated paper as the base paper. After being processed by printing, die cutting, etc., it becomes a finished product label. The following two types of self-adhesive materials are commonly used in self-adhesive label printing. First, the paper has coated paper, writing paper, and tanning paper. It is often used for ordinary printing or printing and shipping labels. It has the ability to adapt to the environment and is easily eroded or damaged. The second type is a film-type self-adhesive label such as (PET/PP synthetic paper/PVC), which is generally used in daily chemical packaging, warning signs, and some Courier Waybill. It has strong adaptability to the environment, is not easy to tear, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.


In daily life, a wide variety of self-adhesive labels can be seen everywhere, so what kind of self-adhesive labels can be waterproof? As a Courier Waybill Manufacturer, we tell everyone that some self-adhesives have waterproof membranes, so these self-adhesive labels are waterproof. The material of the self-adhesive label sticker is a lot of materials, depending on the material of the adhesive surface, the environment used for labeling, and the effect that the label design wants to achieve, and whether there is a special process to select a suitable material. Generally, the film adhesives are waterproof, such as: PP synthetic paper self-adhesive labels, Waterproof Adhesive Paper Roll Sticker Lables, milky white PE self-adhesive labels, transparent film self-adhesive labels, Xiao Yinlong Stickers, PET stickers and more.

The application of self-adhesive label stickers has become more and more extensive, and with the increasing production, there have been some problems in production and processing. How to solve the irregularity and skewness in the processing of self-adhesive label stickers. The first thing to know is why the sticker label is not neatly processed. The reason why the label sticker is not neatly folded is mainly the tension of the device. Unstable tension of the equipment will cause the position of the die cutter to oscillate before and after the die cutting process, resulting in uneven folding. The reason for this is that the folds are not uniform, and the folded label stickers are arranged in a zigzag manner. In this case, try to increase the running tension of the equipment. If there is a pressure roller in front of the die cutting station, be sure to press the pressure roller and ensure that the pressure on both sides of the pressure roller is consistent. Under normal circumstances, the above adjustments can solve this problem, but if it still can't be solved, you need to ask the equipment supplier to help solve it.

The label sticker is folded and skewed in two cases, one for front and rear skew and the other for left and right skew. The front and rear skew is generally caused by an error in the diameter of the die cutter roll from the theoretical value. The left and right skew is generally caused by the skew of the dotted knife. Sometimes the fold appears left and right skew. We can also clearly see that the dotted knife is cut obliquely. At this time, you only need to adjust the dotted knife to correct it. But one thing to note is that sometimes we visually observe that the dotted knife is positive, but the actual cut label sticker is oblique. This may be caused by the equipment die-cutting unit skew or the die cutter. The roller is skewed. If this happens, the device needs to be adjusted.


The above is the information about the sticker.


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