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How To Safely Process Personal Information On The Courier?

Release time:2019-12-5 14:00:05

I believe that everyone's life is inseparable from online shopping, how many people receive express delivery. But do you know that a small Courier Waybill has leaked your personal information? What is revealed on the courier list? Name (or username), mobile phone number, address (or address), type of merchandise purchased, common e-commerce platform name (or frequent shop name). This information is exposed on the courier. Through these details and public websites, social tools, etc., you can piece together your name, hobbies, and even become a WeChat "friend" with you, know your spending habits, financial ability, and so on.

What are the consequences of leaking information?


1, spam harassment constantly

From time to time, you may receive advertising text messages and phone calls, such as frequent discounts on certain shopping malls, real estate agents, and sales of maternal and child preschool education institutions.

2, easy to be caught by the liar!

Personal information, telephone, address and other private information leaks are easily targeted by scammers, targeted "tailor-made", such as: express delivery to pay, after opening, found that is a pile of garbage that is not purchased by yourself, not worth the money.

It is not safe to have your own information on the courier. How to handle the personal information on the courier safely? The Logistics Waybills Manufacturer introduces how to safely process the personal information on the courier.


Logistics Waybills


How to handle the delivery order correctly?


1. When filling out the courier, the address should not be accurate to the house number, up to the building, choose the company or transfer station as much as possible. The name can be replaced by a code name or a pseudonym. Do not reveal your real name or occupation.

2. Before discarding the courier, use the oily pen to smear the recipient, sender, and courier number, including your own signature.

In addition, after receiving the courier, you should promptly clear the information on the courier bill of lading. The following are the following practices:

The first one is the traditional scissors scraping method: using scissors or a knife to scrape the personal information on the courier, this method works well, but the drawbacks are more laborious, you need to force the exact position until the personal information disappears. .

The second is the wet wipes elimination method of the popular network: soak the napkin with water, cover the place where the name and phone number are printed on the courier, wait for the courier to be slightly moist, and then wipe the place where the personal information is written. Next, as long as it is rubbed for two or three seconds, the place with the name and the phone is blurred, and it is difficult to distinguish.

The third is the marker smear method: pick a large black marker to carefully blacken the personal information on the courier. The operation is simple and time-consuming and effortless. If the number of packages is large, the marker is expensive.

4, pen + correction fluid 

Apply the correction fluid to the place where the courier has important information. The place where the correction fluid is applied is gone. If you are not sure, you can use the pen to scribble on the courier.


Well, the above is how the Air Waybill supplier shared the practice of how to prevent the express bill from leaking personal information. Have you learned it?


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