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What Is An Air Waybill?

Release time:2019-12-26 11:42:19

Air Waybill refers to the contract of carriage between the carrier and the shipper. An air waybill is not a document of title and cannot be transferred by endorsement. The consignee's delivery is not by air waybill, but by the airline's delivery notice.


Air waybills fall into two main categories:

A master waybill, an air waybill issued by an air transport company is called a master waybill. It is the basis on which the air transport company handles the transportation and delivery of cargo. It is a transportation contract concluded between the airline and the shipper. Each batch of air transported goods has its own corresponding air waybill.

Air waybills, air waybills issued by centralized shippers when they handle centralized consignment business are called air waybills. In the case of centralized consignment, in addition to the air waybill issued by the air transport company, the centralized shipper also issues air waybills.

Airway bills are very different from ocean bills of lading, but similar to international rail waybills. It is an important cargo transportation document issued by the carrier or its agent. It is a contract of carriage for both parties. Its content is binding on both parties. Air waybills are not transferable, and holding air waybills does not indicate that ownership of the goods can be claimed.

An air waybill is a contract of carriage between a shipper and an air carrier. Unlike a sea bill of lading, an air waybill not only proves the existence of an air transport contract, but the air waybill itself is a contract of carriage of goods between the shipper and the air carrier , It will have effect after the two parties have signed it together, and it will become invalid after the goods arrive at the destination and delivered to the consignee recorded on the waybill.


Air Waybill


The air waybill is a certificate of receipt of the goods issued by the carrier. The air waybill is also a receipt for the goods. After the shipper has shipped the goods, the carrier or its agent will give one of them to the shipper (ie the shipper ) As proof that the goods have been received. Unless otherwise stated, it is proof that the carrier received the goods and shipped them in good conditions.

The air waybill is the bill on which the carrier checks and collects the freight. The air waybill separately records the costs that are borne by the consignee, the costs that should be paid to the carrier and the fees that should be paid to the agent, and the costs are detailed. The type and amount can be used as freight bills and invoices. Carriers often use the carrier carrier as their voucher.

The air waybill is one of the declaration documents, and the air waybill is one of the declaration documents when exporting. When the goods arrive at the destination airport for import declaration, the air waybill is usually the basic document for customs inspection and release.

The air waybill can also be used as a certificate of insurance. If the carrier undertakes insurance or the consignor requires the carrier to perform insurance, the air waybill can also be used as an insurance certificate.

The air waybill is the basis of the carrier's internal business. The air waybill accompanied the goods and proved the identity of the goods. The waybill contains the matters concerning the sending, transshipment and delivery of the goods, and the carrier will make corresponding arrangements for the transportation of the goods accordingly.

The original air waybill is in triplicate, each with the back clause printed, one of which is given to the consignor as the basis on which the carrier or its agent receives the goods; the second is retained by the carrier as a voucher for accounting; and finally A copy of the goods accompanied by the goods, when the goods reach their destination, delivered to the consignee as the basis for checking the goods.


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