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Principles of Data Collector

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Bar code Hand Terminal, or handheld computer, designed for the circulation of goods, has the characteristics of integrity, mobility, small size, light weight, high performance, and suitable for hand-held. It is a bar code scanning device integrated with the data terminal, with the battery off-line operation of the terminal computer equipment.
It has a central processing unit (CPU), read-only memory (ROM), readable and writable memory (RAM), keyboard, screen display, and computer interface. The handheld terminal can be connected with the computer through the cradle for receiving or uploading data. The running program of the handheld terminal is downloaded from the computer to the handheld terminal, and the corresponding function can be completed according to the use requirement.
Data collectors can be used to supplement orders, receive orders, sales, inventory, inventory and inventory management and logistics management and so on.
At present, the commonly used data acquisition devices are the United States Symbol's PDT3100, domestic companies such as LK-PT921, the price of more than 10,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan. The data collector effectively solves the problem of identification and quantity confirmation of the data during the circulation process, and is an effective means to ensure the information processing of the system quickly and accurately. As the price of the equipment is relatively high, the commodity has not reached all the common bar codes Of the data acquisition rate is still low, has yet to be promoted.
Second, the data acquisition program function
Data acquisition procedures for the operation is based on the actual needs of the preparation, must take full account of the operation of the use of convenient, flexible and versatile.
The general function of the data collector
Data acquisition should have data acquisition, data transmission, data deletion and system management functions.
data collection
(C20) and the quantity (N4) are stored in the data storage in the text data format in the data acquisition unit, by reading the barcode of the product through the scanning device and directly checking the quantity of the product or inputting it through the keyboard.
Data transmission
The data transfer function has data download and upload.
Data download is the need to confirm the data collector to the product information from the computer to the data collector, the data collector and the computer through the communication interface between the computer management system to run the corresponding function of the equipment provided by the manufacturer's data Transfer program, transfer content can include: commodity bar code, name and quantity. Data can be downloaded in the data collection, the current bar code to read the product name and the need to confirm the number.
Data is uploaded to the product data collected through the communication interface, the data will be sent to the computer, and then through the computer system, the data will be converted to the corresponding database.
Data deletion
Data in the data collector in the completion of the transmission to the computer system, you need to delete the data, otherwise it will lead to the re-read data superposition, resulting in data errors. In some cases, the data may be transferred to the computer several times, until the data validation is invalid before they can be deleted.
System Management
The system management function checks for disk space and system date and time adjustments.
Need to consider some of the details
Document No
In the process of the flow of goods, usually a single number to distinguish between different types and different batches of data, in the case of data download, the data collector may also store a number of documents of goods data, it is necessary By document number to be distinguished.
Data download
Data download for data collection provides a convenient, but in some cases, but will bring some trouble. For example, the data download takes time, encountered no prior registration of the bar code, adjust it is too much trouble. Generally used after the first data collection, in the computer system for processing.
Duplicate goods
In the process of data collection, you may encounter the same kind of goods repeated reading of the situation, there may have been read the wrong people repeat the product read again, there may be the same goods, as not in the same position caused Repeat the goods but not repeat the number of cases, which need to read a commodity when the display of the original number, if not read before, then zero. The quantity of the commodity is the sum of the original quantity of the commodity and the current input quantity.
And computer system functions
Data collection of the menu, you can add the system to complete the functions, such as: commodity library, the goods out of the library, replenishment of goods and commodity inventory. This data acquisition, the operating state clear, but the interface increased, and data collection data content and process is entirely consistent, generally do not use this approach. The purpose of the commodity data of data collection is to determine the data uploading of different functions of the computer system. Sometimes, the same batch of data is used as the inbound and outbound data to facilitate the operation and reduce the re-reading of the data.
Third, the application of data acquisition
As the bar code identification with fast, accurate, easy to operate, and other characteristics of the circulation of goods storage and distribution center into the library. Inventory, distribution and other management, as well as the management of commodity stores in the introduction of bar code, can make management work to save manpower. Reduce errors, improve work efficiency, and protect the smooth flow of goods.
Application of computer systems and handheld terminals can be combined easily and accurately to complete the flow of goods related to management.
Warehousing and distribution center applications
Acceptance of goods into the warehouse
According to the order contract (or order) to the order data to the handheld terminal, bar code products do not have the original packaging of goods ready internal bar code, goods to the internal bar code after the first bar code to the original bar code does not correspond to the product packaging, Scan a barcode of goods, the handheld terminal display can automatically display the number of goods that should arrive, after verification can be confirmed directly, or enter the actual number of the keyboard with the arrival. After the storage of goods in accordance with its classification and attributes to the corresponding cargo space, with a handheld terminal to scan the bar code to place the goods and then scan the location of the bar code on the shelves of all goods Arrangement after the arrival of the handheld terminal Into the cradle connected to the computer system, you can send the goods arrival and inventory location data to the computer.
Goods shipped out of the library
According to the replenishment application of each branch, the computer system makes the replenishment instruction book of each branch according to the quantity of the corresponding commodity in the store. After the goods to be replenished are concentrated, the handheld terminal storing the batch data is scanned, Bar code and confirm the number of goods out of the library, the completion of handheld terminal data will be transmitted to the computer system.
inventory check
Using the handheld terminal in order to scan the goods on the warehouse shelf bar code, and enter the actual number of stocks, the operation will be completed after the actual number of stock delivered to the computer system, the computer system for processing, to make a variety of inventory profit and loss reports and analysis reports.
The Application of Commodity Marketplace
Commodity stores used to complete the replenishment of goods, arrival, sales, inventory and other processing, the original packaging is not universal commodity bar code products to be labeled home-made bar code.
Automatic replenishment of orders
Hand-held terminal for automatic replenishment processing. First of all goods on the shelves of goods bar code read, and then in accordance with the number of goods in the keyboard using the keyboard and then enter the number of replenishment; the data obtained through the cradle to send to the computer host.
With the handheld terminal to read the bar code automatic replenishment, you can prevent the input of the product code error, replenishment through the network can play the efficiency of the system to shorten the time required to replenishment to arrival.
Arrival confirmation
Hand-held terminal can be easily applied to confirm the arrival of processing. Apply for replenishment of the goods arrive, with a handheld terminal for each commodity bar code read and enter the arrival of the number of the arrival of the arrival of the data into the computer system, confirmed by the replenishment of the batch of goods arrived.
Inventory management
With the handheld terminal will be in the shelf all the goods bar code and the number of people, and then transferred to the computer system, and computer products in the rack to compare, you can inventory processing, and by the computer to make profit and loss report.
The use of hand-held terminal to avoid the use of goods on a single or single to find the trouble of goods, reducing manual handling of the drain plate and repeat the phenomenon of goods.


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