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China"s high-end printing press market is full of opportunities

Release time:2016-10-27 17:20:07

China's newspaper industry, commodity packaging and other related industries are now entering a stage of rapid development, all kinds of high-end printing machinery demand soared. The Shanghai port, for example, from January to November this year, a total of imports of printing presses and parts totaling more than 200 million US dollars, of which imports of nine thousand three hundred and eighty-eight printing units, an increase of nearly five percent over the same period last year, Printing press.
According to Shanghai Customs statistics, the Shanghai port import printing machinery mainly from Germany and Japan, mostly Heidelberg, Man Luolan, Mitsubishi, Fuji and other well-known brands.
Analysis of the industry in recent years, China's high-speed development of the newspaper industry, leading to high-speed sheet-fed multi-color offset press, high-speed offset color offset press and other high-end offset press imports continued to grow. This year, China has about 400 billion yuan of domestic retail consumer goods and nearly 500 billion US dollars of export commodities need to package and packaging printing supporting, a variety of high-end packaging printing, paper printing, document printing, securities printing and other needs Continued to expand, in its lead, such as automatic bronzing machine, digital color printing presses and other rich in the latest scientific and technological achievements of various types of high-grade special printing press imports increased significantly.
According to the analysis, China's high-end printing machinery and equipment rely on imports of the basic situation, because with the ever-changing technology, computer technology, information transmission network technology, microelectronics and other high-tech widely used in the printing industry, printing technology and printing equipment technology Content is higher and higher, and China's printing machinery and equipment compared with the developed countries there is a big gap.
Experts point out that China's printing market is entering a period of strong growth, MAN Roland and other world-renowned printing machinery manufacturers have entered China. China's printing machinery manufacturing enterprises should also seize the rare opportunity for development, from the price, quality, brand three levels to improve market competitiveness, and actively develop digital, networking and other technologies, and vigorously improve the scientific and technological content, increase value-added products, In the field of high-grade printing machinery manufacturing and the world's giant competition for a place.


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