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Hands-on demonstration value-added printing

Release time:2016-10-27 17:23:13

Added value: The value-added printing technology offered by the Manroland Technology Forum for flat sheet printers will help sheetfed printers build a visionary business model.
August 3, 2005 - (Germany), from around the world about 800 printing experts gathered Offenbach, at the Man Luolan Image Center at the technical forum. The forum will include workshops and live demonstrations of value-added printing technology for sheet-fed presses. The seminar explained vividly the definition of Value Added Printing and its feasible strategy, the configuration of single printing press and its economic benefits. Subsequent live demonstrations also gave visitors a better understanding of how presses equipped with a variety of special equipment were able to perform their printing tasks efficiently.
Michael Nitsche, Head of Product Marketing for Manroland Leaflet Printing Equipment Division, clearly defines Value Added Printing from both technical and strategic perspectives. First of all, this is a printing business to become a business innovator and provide value-added services, strategic objectives. Second, value-added printing is an advanced technology that enables printed products to win conventional products under large-scale printing. Value-added printing can be achieved through four aspects: the print itself, there may be hot stamping and embossing technology; for the printing process, there are double-sided printing and automatic removal of bad paper; for the entire production process, the printing workshop Network and raw material logistics management system; for printing services, but also for customers to do a degree of data and logistics management.
The performance of vulgarity
As explained by Michael Nitsche, the goal of value-added printing is to provide more value-added services on the basis of pure "merchandise printing" to get rid of price pressures and the burden of overcapacity faced by today's printing companies. Through these, focus on internal business innovators can improve their infrastructure, thereby reducing production costs and improve the efficiency of enterprise operations. And those who care about external business innovators are more concerned about the introduction of new products and services how to bring them higher profit margins and more solid customer loyalty. But there is no doubt that both of them will be fixed in the number of operators and fixed costs under the same fixed conditions, to achieve value-added printing. From 2005 to 2010, the value-added printing will be flat-sheet printing business model of success.
Technology, function, benefit and economic benefit
Ulrich Beitel and the Sascha Ladda (Manroland mid-range sheet-fed printing equipment products) in turn showcases the connection and automation features, some of which are new technologies for the first time. On the one hand, they describe individual technologies and functions, and on the other hand, the benefits and economic benefits that printers can derive from them. For example, the entire QuickChange series can help you quickly adjust to reduce the amount of time required to pre-select the entire automatic change order on the console and the latest multifunction clamping Clamp for glazing and blankets. Quick adjustment system can achieve many different functions, such as pliers set, on the ink and drum cleaning. Sascha Ladda has calculated that a ROLAND 700 can save up to 737 hours of production time per year in a typical ROLAND 700 process during the printing and packaging process. In the near future, when the DirectDrive system designed for plate cylinders is in operation, the production time savings can be further increased by 300 hours because no additional time is required to replace the plates and clean the ink cylinders, which can clean the blanket and On the ink at the same time.
All of Ulrich Beitel and Sascha Ladda's previously mentioned in-line combination innovations were applied to three ROLAND 700s, one ROLAND 500 and one ROLAND 900, each with its own configuration, when the on-site presentation of the second part of the forum was conducted. All production processes coupled with sophisticated design of the line function, its efficiency is greatly enhanced. Highlights include InlineSheeter on-line cutting device for economical production from roll-to-roll printing to flat sheet printing; InlineFoiler Prindor in-line foil blanching machine for stamping / silver printing at high speed, The ROLAND 700 can also be used for in-line printing with special inks; the use of the InlineEmbosser on-line embossing device - attached to the glazing module - is another attractive technology; the InlineSorter line sorting device (waste paper sorter ); InlineInspector line detection device (automatic quality control), InlineObservor line monitoring device (for different positions of the printer paper conveying video surveillance).


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